Health and safety policy statement

Understanding the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The company acknowledges its responsibility to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and abide by any other relevant safety legislation and requirements regarding the safety and welfare of our staff and anyone else who might be affected by our undertaking. The company also acknowledges the need to equally consider Health and Safety with quality and performance when work is being done.

Our Commitment to Workplace Safety and Welfare

In order to identify, control or eliminate any risks and hazard at the workplace, the company will provide any training, information, supervision plant and equipment that’ll be necessary. The main goal is to prevent any injuries or ill-health for our staff and anyone else involved and to continually enhance the management of our health and safety performance.

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Risk Management and Safety Training Initiatives

For safety and health purposes, any company staff that manages or oversees work equipment usage shall have gotten enough training. This includes ways to be adopted when using the equipment, associated risk and relevant precautionary measures.

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Collaboration and Compliance in Health and Safety

All staff and subcontractors are expected to collaborate with the company in executing this policy and making sure they carry out their jobs without putting themselves or other people at risk.

Role of Safety Advisor in Upholding Our Safety Standards

In case of any challenge in the implementation of this policy, reference should be made to Agim Arra who’s been appointed to carry the responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare.

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Continuous Improvement in Health and Safety Performance

The management and employees of the company will surveil the operation of this policy to strive for and enhance continued improvement in Health and safety performance as an ongoing thing. Agim Arra has been appointed by the company as the Safety Advisor, to advice on the demands of the safety matters and statutory provisions and also visiting sites on request to ensure compliance.

This statement of company policy will be displayed or availed at all workplaces and sites.