Proficiency Bespoke offers a service to a very specific type of client. One with the desire to transform their home, the budget to do so at a luxurious level, and the expectation that everything, from planning through to the finishing touches of the interior design, will be handled by a single, experienced team of design, refurbishment, renovation and extension specialists.

Our package may be different for each individual project, based on your needs and preferences, but will always involve a holistic approach, where we are responsible for every single aspect of your design and build, from conception to completion.


The Design

Your aspirations for your home converted from mere dreams to the complete set of designs, specs, elevations and drawings required for planning permission (where needed) and for the entire construction team to work from throughout the transformation of your home. Some clients have firm ideas, others look to us for guidance, but we expect all to have their expectations surpassed.

The Construction

A significant advantage of our end-to-end service is that every single element of your build is managed and undertaken by our team of skilled professionals – architects, interior designers, builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers and more. We are, therefore, in control of every aspect of the project, enabling us to ensure that budgets and schedules are adhered to and the highest quality of materials are used and standards maintained throughout.


The Interiors

Our interior designers are true artists, able to create a unique look and feel for each individual client’s home based on their style, preferences and the way they live their life. We elevate sketches and client discussions into lavish interiors, full of bespoke furnishings and finishes sourced from the four corners of the globe or fashioned just for your home. The quality of every finishing touch is both our passion and out promise to you.

Contact US

At Proficiency Bespoke we have a single level of service – exceptional. Everything we do is individually tailored to ensure that your house is somewhere you’ll truly be proud to call home. To find out more about what we do and how we do it, or to book an appointment with one of our team to discuss your project, simply…




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