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What Does a Building Contractor do in Construction

A building contractor is responsible for overseeing a construction project and ensuring that everything is implemented according to the original plans. The contractor also keeps track of the budget and how well the project fits within these constraints. Finally, they must also communicate with other contractors and professionals working on the project to ensure that everyone coordinates properly.

1. Planning and tracking the project’s progress

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A high end residential building contractor in London is often involved in the initial planning of a construction project. They then track the ongoing progress and note how well it aligns to the initial plans. Any deviations must be tracked and corrected (if there’s an opportunity for it). Contractors regularly communicate with the client to ensure that everything matches their expectations at each step of the project.

2. Overseeing the construction process

Building contractors also directly oversee the construction project. While they may not necessarily be involved in any actual construction work, they must still pay attention to how everything is implemented and note if any aspect of the project requires external assistance.

3. Communicating with other contractors

Building contractors must also communicate with other contractors and ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to the project’s execution. In larger projects that utilize multiple contractors, this is one of the most critical aspects of a contractor’s work.

4. Estimating project costs

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Contractors must be aware of how much a renovation project is going to cost and provide the client with reasonable estimates before work has commenced. It’s not rare for construction projects to deviate from their original anticipated cost, which is where a contractor comes in. They must communicate those deviations to the client and align with them on any future developments that might impact the cost estimate even further.

5. Verifying that safety procedures are followed

Safety procedures are important in the execution of any construction project, even a small one with relatively few workers. Overseeing this is another duty of the contractor, who must ensure that nobody strays from the approved norms and that workers are aware of their duties and responsibilities when working on the site.