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Proficiency Bespoke are high end builders in Hamstead. We take pride in the quality of our work and it would be a pleasure to have your home as part of our evergrowing portfolio. As luxury house builders in London, we have the right solution for you; from loft conversions, house extensions, remodelings to refurbishment and so much more.


Whether your property is in Hampstead NW3, West Hampstead NW6 or Hampstead Garden Suburb N2, you can still get access to our design and building services. With our highly skilled craftsmen, engineers and designers, rest assured you will get the anticipated design and build for your luxury home. We are your go-to luxury builders in Hampstead, London.


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As a homeowner, it is important to understand the fact that you cannot compromise on the quality and design of your home. As we all know, the design and style of your home greatly reflect on your personality as a homeowner. You also do not want to be living in a space that you are not comfortable in.


If you’re looking for a luxury builder in Hampstead to build your dream home, the first thing would be to find one who is qualified and capable. You want someone who will deliver your desired outcome without compromising on the design or quality of the construction. Also getting a construction specialist who is compliant with the building regulations is essential to achieve your luxury home.

An experienced builder should be able to show you evidence of their previous jobs without any hesitation. This will enable you to get a clear picture of what to expect or an elaborate visual representation of their work. Whether it’s loft conversions or house extensions, having a look at the evidence of their previous work will help you gauge the level of creativity and craftsmanship. You’ll be able to decide if the builder is the perfect fit for your project.

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From their architectural prowess to their workmanship, your builder should be capable of meeting or even surpassing your expectations. It‘s only then that your bespoke experience should commence. After all, other than having a comfortable space to live in, you also want something that will add value to your property.

Getting to go through reviews from previous clients is also a great way for you to determine the quality of work a builder can deliver. A lot of negative feedback will definitely raise the red flags with regard to how capable they are when it comes to delivering a great outcome.

Regardless of whether it is a house extension, renovation, conversion, refurbishment or new construction, Proficiency Bespoke can transform your property to luxurious spaces as desired. Our company has its office located at 63 Finchley Road, Hampstead, NW6 1DU. Are you thinking to start any construction on your property? Feel free to book an appointment or call to discuss your project with one of our team members.

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